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    • China should take the path of low-carbon and green development in the process of modernization

      Premier1 Li Keqiang,China seeks low-carbon development while pursuing modernization3, and expressed the will to strengthen all-around international collaboration. Li said that low-carbon development concerns the future of the world, and innovation is the foremost driving force to lead this development. As the world's largest developing country, China chose to realize its modernization via low-carbon and green development efforts, which is unprecedented5 in the history of humanity, and can only be achieved with arduous6 efforts, Li said.

      2023-03-20 64

    • China's overall economic recovery has accelerated

      China's services sector in June expanded at its fastest pace in nearly a year amid a gradual resumption of work and production, indicating a robust recovery in business conditions. Experts said services sector activity accelerated as COVID-19 outbreaks gradually eased off in more cities across the nation, showcasing the resilience of the economy despite downward pressure.

      2023-03-20 116

    • Most European enterprises are full of confidence in the prospects of the Chinese market

      China remains1 a key market for European companies as its economic resilience and large domestic market are vital for them to stay globally competitive, according to a survey released on Monday by the China Council for the Promotion2 of International Trade. About 19 percent of European companies said that they have expanded their production and business scale in China, while 65 percent said that they have maintained their current operational scale, the study said.

      2023-03-20 128

    • China-Europe Railway Express: Braving challenges to open international trade corridors

      China-Europe Railway Express celebrates another breakthrough! On July 11, a China-Europe Railway Express train fully loaded with electronic products, mechanical parts, daily necessities, and other goods arrived in Germany, marking the 10,000th trip made by China-Europe Railway Express freight trains. The route also became the first one of its kind with the number of freight train trips exceeding the 10,000 mark.

      2023-03-20 115

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